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Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful. That's why at Sharz Poly Fashions, we're committed to creating clothing that cater to every body, shape & person. 

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Pearl Collection

Nia Puletasi White (12)
  • Siva Collection- Natasha Dress

    Our Siva Collection has a large range of bright & colourful designs to suit any event during the day. As well as dark & elegant colours for a night out!

  • Mānea Collection- Tapita Dress

    This collection is our best-selling (as well as our famous Tapita Dress). Here you'll find a number of styles and colours to suit your fashion sense.

  • Embrace Collection- Viga Puletasi

    Embrace you! This one is dedicated to our women size 24 & up. We've got beautiful garments for you that are elegant yet comfortable and stretchy!

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